Licitație de bijuterii (1950-1970)

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Peter Wright

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Natural Sardinian coral torchon necklace

Natural Sardinian coral torchon, sphere shaped, all equal sizes, length 42 cm. The impressively sized clasp is in 18 kt gold with typical 1950s detailing. The spacers in the central area are made of 18 kt gold. The necklace has a safety clasp. This is not a modern replica, and the coral has not been subjected to quality-enhancing treatments 58 g Mai mult

Gemstone gold ring with IGI-certified tanzanite

Gemstone ring with central violet blue round-cut tanzanite with IGI certificate, measuring 7.45 x 7.50 x 3.78 mm and weighing 1.45 ct, accompanied by 10 brilliant-cut white sapphires measuring 1.5-1.7 mm each and weighing 0.20 ct in total, set in 585 yellow gold, ring size 17.3 mm, weight 3.8 g Mai mult

High-carat sun citrine gold ring

14 kt yellow gold ring with high-carat sun-yellow citrine measurinig 14 x 10 mm and weighing 8.2 ct, accompanied by 4 white brilliant-cut sapphires measuring 1.5 mm each and weighing 0.065 ct in total, ring size 18.2 mm, weight 4.2 g Mai mult

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