Costa - Electr foarte vechi. percolator cromat [110v-220v-100v] (1) - Art Deco - Bachelită

Costa - Electr foarte vechi. percolator cromat [110v-220v-100v] (1) - Art Deco - Bachelită
Italia - Early 19th century

The 1st electric PERCOLATOR is? manufactured by Russell Hobbs in 1950, according to Wikipedia. However, they have been available since the 20s based on a low voltage. This device has such a characteristic. Features 3 inputs. One for 110v and one for 220v. With each user option 1 pole remains (100v). This still has the original closure cap! Same material - white bakelite? - as the handle and the lid - valve of the percolator.

With this purchase, you’ll have a beautiful chunk of history of the coffee ritual in the house or your collection. Is only now touched after approximately 100 yr in some spot by the test of time. Photo 19. Is of course lister in the photo appendix. Does not have any damage or irregularities. Only beautiful shiny chrome. Oh yeah, not forgetting of course the novelty introduced in THOSE years. To know the coffee distributor, which made it possible to fill 2 cups SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Shipping within or outside the EU by certified company. G.L.S. Netherlands, PostNl, KLM or otherwise.

Detaliile lotului
Nr. de articole
Electr foarte vechi. percolator cromat [110v-220v-100v]
Manufacturer/ Brand
Model/ Name
Art Deco
Estimated Period
Early 19th century
Country of Origin
Stare bună - foarte folosită și cu posibile părți minore lipsă
22×15×15 cm
950 g
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