Satul de Crăciun extins (200) - Porțelan

Satul de Crăciun extins (200) - Porțelan
Olanda - 1975-2000

Very elaborate Christmas village.

With older pieces like the porcelain trees, no longer available.

Contains: Ice and snowboarding track, snow scenes with woodcutters,tug-of-war figurines, figurines throwing snowballs, Santa Claus in hammock, Santa Claus rotating to the music, 3 porcelain trees, 28 houses, bridge, 2 x carriages, duck pond, swings with children, large and small tree, 32 different trees in different sizes, 10 small porcelain/resin trees, beer drinkers, landlady, skiers on bench with fire, ice fisherman with fire, 5 lampposts, clock, road sign, road, 2 glass/ice mirrors, bears, deer, fox, squirrels, 2 fire barriers, sleds, 2x letterbox, 2 x 4 lampposts, choir 2 x, woman with child feeding ducks, tree with lights, moon with lights, (works intermittently), children playing, snow mats, snow fluff.
3 - 4 parts have been repaired.

There may be some additional items I have not mentioned.

Including lighting and special connecting cords.

See the photos.

Collection is preferred, if shipped costs in consultation.

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Satul de Crăciun extins
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Stare bună - uzată cu mici semne de uzură și pete
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