Annie Leibovitz (1949-) - Kate Moss 'Milk Advert', 1995

Annie Leibovitz (1949-) - Kate Moss 'Milk Advert', 1995
Imprimare tip C - Ștampila artistului - 1995

Double weight slight gloss press photograph.

The photograph was used for advertising in a magazine and was not returned to the photographer/agency after use. This photograph was part of a now defunct photographic agency.

The image is high quality and is printed on a deluxe double weight photographic paper with photographer's press stamp. Comes with other details on the verso.

The photograph has creases on the edges and aging on the verso due to age. Please check images for details.

Item was donated to our charity. We are new on this auction site but have very good feedback on other auction sites.

We offer a lifetime money back guarantee on all the items we offer. Item was donated to our charity.

Detaliile lotului
Annie Leibovitz (1949-)
Titlul operei de artă
Kate Moss 'Milk Advert', 1995
Imprimare tip C
Ștampila artistului
Data imprimării
Imprimare veche
Dimensiunea imaginii
10×8 in
Dimensiuni totale
11.5×9×9 in
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