Rădăcină din lemn art deco bufet din Franța 1920

Rădăcină din lemn art deco bufet din Franța 1920
Franța - 1920-1949 - Lemn, Nuc

Unique one-of-a-kind piece - Art Deco sideboard or buffet table from France, built in the 1920s. Provides plenty of storage space on a large shelf as well as in two drawers behind the large, gorgeous root wood doors. While the outer doors have a flat design, you'll find a great serpentine shape on the middle door. Restored masterpiece with the original colour combination, new chrome handles and a great walnut root wood front. In the middle section you will find a pull-out plate with a marble insert. The feet have a typical Art Deco design and are particularly beautiful. Is in perfect condition with a restored high-gloss finish.
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Detaliile lotului
Rădăcină din lemn art deco bufet din Franța 1920
Lemn, Nuc
Art Deco
Perioada estimată
Country of Origin
Stare excelentă - puțin uzată cu urme minime de folosire și uzură
104×180×63 cm
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