Masaki Kazushi - Clarity 007 - No Reserve Price

Masaki Kazushi - Clarity 007 - No Reserve Price
Acrilic pe pânză - Ștampila artistului - 2014

Masaki Kazushi was born in Osaka Japan and began painting at age 7 and continued through high school. He was an abstract expressionist early on, being chastised by his elementary school teachers for his dreamy non-realist work.
n college his practical nature asserted itself and he became a baker instead of an artist. In the following years he collected art, wishing all the while he had painted what he collected.

In his late career, Kazushi began working from memory and from his imagination rather than from direct observation. He used looser brushwork and broader touches of paint, and he began to produce numerous abstract acryl landscapes and drawings.

He and his family lived in Osaka for a time before eventually moving to French Riviera and then Belgium Antwerp, where Kazushi continued to develop his craft.


Painting will be packaged in a tube with seal.

Detaliile lotului
Masaki Kazushi
Titlul operei de artă
Clarity 007 - No Reserve Price
Acrilic pe pânză
Ștampila artistului
Vândut cu ramă
Dimensiunea imaginii
100×100 cm
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