Pierre Le Faguays - le verrier - amazon au javelot (1)

Pierre Le Faguays - le verrier - amazon au javelot (1)
Franța - 1920-1949 - metal

A sculpture of the Art Deco artist Fayral, pseudonym of Pierre Le Faguays.
A girl throwing a spear.
Called "Amazone au javelot".
Made of white metal and green patinated.
Original green patina.
The sculpture is on a black marble base.
The pedestal is placed at an angle so the sculpture reaches its full expression.
Foundry Le Verrier.
Height sculpture 30 cm.
Signed "Fayral".
Small piece off the marble of a bottom corner.
Original Art Deco sculpture 1930.

Pierre Le Faguays used the pseudonym "guerbe" or "fayral" (family name of his mother and wife).
He is one of the most famous Art Deco artists for the image designs back then and now.
He had his sculptures cast by Max le Verrier, also artist, including under the name "artus", and who possessed a foundry in Paris.
Max le Verrier had developed a new alloy that he used instead of bronze to manufacture cheaper statues.

Pierre le Faguays designed some dozens of images and received several awards for them.
Contemporary and friend of Marcel Bouraine and of course Max Le Verrier.

Detaliile lotului
Nr. de articole
amazon au javelot
Pierre Le Faguays
le verrier
Art Deco
Perioada estimată
Country of Origin
Stare excelentă - puțin uzată cu urme minime de folosire și uzură
30×15×9 cm
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