Swarovski Mouse mediu. Foarte rar. - Cristal

Swarovski Mouse mediu. Foarte rar. - Cristal
Austria - 1976

Mouse medium with article code: 7631/040/000 variation 1.
This mouse was the first animal made by Swarovski.
This edition has a leather tail.
The mouse has a square crystal base.
The copy was only available for employees of Swarovski and was issued for Christmas in 1976.
The ears are 4 cm long.
This is the only mouse with holes in the ears.
The holes are located above the eyes in the lowest tip of the ears.
The total length of the mouse is 6.5 cm.
The bottom of the base has a minor flaw that isn’t visible when the mouse stands upright.
This mouse is 45 years old but still in excellent condition.
Including box and certificate.

Detaliile lotului
Swarovski Mouse mediu. Foarte rar.
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Country of Origin
Stare excelentă - puțin uzată cu urme minime de folosire și uzură
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