't Woonhuys - 3 scaune școlare din Amsterdam

't Woonhuys - 3 scaune școlare din Amsterdam
Olanda - 1920-1949 - Lemn de mahon și piele

3 Mahogany chairs with high back, executed by furniture factory 't Woonhuys.

The chairs recently came from an attic, and are in a sturdy, original and unrestored condition. The upholstery needs the attention of a furniture upholsterer.

At the bottom 1 of the chairs marked with metal furniture plate: "t WOONHUYS" Prinsengracht 709-713 Amsterdam


Height: 118.5 cm
Width: 53 cm
Depth: 49 cm
Seat height: 51 cm

Please see the photos for a good impression of the condition and edition of this set of special chairs.

Please note! Pickup only!

't Woonhuys is a furniture factory founded in 1907 under the direction of F.J. Zeegers. Until 1918 the company was located on the Vijzelstraat 56-60, then in the building Prinsengracht 711-713. Michel de Klerk and Hildo Krop made various furniture designs that were put into production by 't Woonhuys. The Dutch Architecture Institute (NAi) in Rotterdam manages the company archive which consists almost entirely of drawings.

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3 scaune școlare din Amsterdam
Lemn de mahon și piele
't Woonhuys
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