Rolex - Brancard - Boîte française - Bărbați - 1901-1949

Rolex - Brancard - Boîte française - Bărbați - 1901-1949
Învârtire manuală - Aur roz - Garanție

This magnificent Rolex Brancard is in excellent condition; it has been completely serviced and maintained by a master watchmaker (two-year guarantee).

The watch is in 18 kt rose gold; the dial, movement and strap are signed; the buckle is in 18 kt gold.
The casing has been polished, the pictures were taken before it was polished, the crystal has been replaced (€200).

A very uncommon and rare French box that isn't signed because after World War II you weren't able to import finished gold without paying heavy taxes and this made them favour local enterprises. The strict control on gold had a direct impact on the watch market and numerous brands, including Rolex and Patek, had to make boxes in France to sell them. That is why we see rare and strange French boxes from this period, numbered and called "French box". What is ironic about these French boxes is that they are still superior quality and their design is a lot more interesting than their Swiss cousins from the same period and signed.

A Rolex Brancard with a very rare black dial.

Rolex Brancard circa 1938.
Manual signed movement, 17 jewels: hours, minutes, seconds.
Salmon-coloured signed dial.
Case: 18 kt rose gold, numbered, eagle's head hallmark
Strap: in crocodile, signed Rolex, new but from an old stock.
Dimensions: 38 x 22 mm
Weight: 38 g

Very good condition despite its age.

Shipping will be with value declared, with insurance (slower than FedEx). If you prefer FedEx, please request it and I will send you the fee.

Customs duties may apply if you are outside of Europe.

Detaliile lotului
Numărul de Referință
Boîte française
Învârtire manuală
Materialul Carcasei
Aur roz
Eleganța Materialului
18 ct.
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Livrare Asigurată
Purtat și în stare foarte bună
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