Eisemann - Lampa de mână DDR

Eisemann - Lampa de mână DDR
Germania - 1962 - 100% funcțional


East Germany, Eisemann brand.

Nearly 60 years old - the lamp is still packaged in its original sealed packaging!

Beautiful mining lamp/hand-held lamp from former East Germany. This type of hand lamp was mostly used in mines and at the railroad. This lamp works on AA batteries, which are hidden inside the compartment. New batteries are included so that the lamp is ready to use.

Comes with a key to open the battery compartment.

The lamp has a high and a low setting which can be changed by means of the original switch. The lamps can also be switched into a short on-off interval setting! Provides a very attractive light.

Photos are examples of an identical lamp that was removed from its packaging. (Except photos 4, 5, 6, 7)

Very decorative item with a historical/nostalgic touch, not something that you buy in the store! I have added a wine bottle in the last photo for size comparison.

Detaliile lotului
Lampa de mână DDR
100% funcțional
Designer/ Artist
Perioada Estimată
Țara de Origine
Stare excelentă - puțin uzată cu urme minime de folosire și uzură
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