Joep Van Lieshout - lensvelt - Scaun (6) - AVL Shaker

Joep Van Lieshout - lensvelt - Scaun (6) - AVL Shaker
Olanda - După 2000 - Lemn

6 AVL Shaker stoelen

Design AVL (Atelier van Lieshout)

Fabrikant Lensvelt (tegenwoordig licentie houder ipv. Moooi)

Afmetingen 48 x 49 x 72

Zithoogte 45 cm

Het zijn originele rode stoelen

De stoelen zijn in een nette staat met lichte vormen van gebruik conform leeftijd.

Alle stoelen zijn gemerkt

The AVL Shaker chair is inspired by 18th century Northern American Shakers, a religious community originating from England. The Shakers believed in a simple life, community ownership, pacifism, dancing in worship, equality of the sexes, celibacy. The Shaker community was completely independent and self-supporting and even produced its own furniture.
The AVL Shaker chair was designed by Atelier van Lieshout for the project “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”, was a triptych structure composed of a trailer, a house and an extension. Bad things live in the house; its imaginary ideal dweller is the Una Bomber, a prototype terrorist who survived alone in the forest and recycled materials to manufacture his bombs. The AVL Shaker chair was part for the interior of the Una Bomber's dwelling.

Detaliile lotului
Nr. de articole
Designer/ Artist
Joep Van Lieshout
Manufacturer/ Brand
Model/ Name
AVL Shaker
Mid-Century Modern
Estimated Period
După 2000
Country of Origin
Stare bună - uzată cu mici semne de uzură și pete
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