Orgies Barbares Vol. 3 - With original drawing - Copertă tare - Prima ediție - (2015/2019)

Orgies Barbares Vol. 3 - With original drawing - Copertă tare - Prima ediție - (2015/2019)
Erich Hartmann - Aproape Nouă - 1 Benzi desenate - Tabou Editions

Hardcover album from Tabou Editions, signed by the author and with an original pencil and marker drawing depicting two of the characters of the saga. Corresponding to his serie "Orgies Barbares", French, 64 full colour pages. VERY IMPORTANT: Once the lot is sold, send the author your name via e-mail for put it in the album.

Erich Hartmann is a popular author of erotic comics.
His work has been published in:
- Spain ("Cuentos Medievales" and "Herencia Perversa', Eros Magazine, 60 numbers, Dolmen).
- USA (“Barbarian Chicks and Demons”, seven albums, four of them reedited, and 30 numbers of Sizzle Magazine, NBM, plus Hustler Magazine).
- France (“Orgies Barbares”, six albums, plus Art book on the way, Tabou Editions)
- Italy (“Orge Barbariche”, two albums, Ef Edizioni).

Also, out of the erotic genre he has frequented the US and French markets, with comics of superheroes, sports, adaptations of TV series, covers and even colouring books. The list of publishers (or companies) he has worked includes Devil's Due/IDW, DC Comics, Joc International, Dark Horse, Edelvives, Adidas, Panini, Petitapetit, etc.

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Orgies Barbares Vol. 3
With original drawing
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Aproape Nouă
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Copertă tare
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Desene dedicate, Semnată
Tabou Editions
Erich Hartmann
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