Christofle modèle America - Cuțite de toaletă (12) - Placat cu argint

Christofle modèle America - Cuțite de toaletă (12) - Placat cu argint
Franța - A doua jumătate a secolului 20

Set of 12 silver-plated dinner knives from Christofle, America pattern Length: 24.5 cm. Beautiful shine. Sold without the presentation box. Christofle is a French goldsmithing and table arts company, founded in Paris in 1830 by Charles Christofle. The company is famous for having introduced electrolytic gold and silver plating in France in 1842. The company was acquired in 2012 by one of its shareholders, the Chalhoub family's luxury group. Christofle’s manufacturing is entirely handmade, using traditional techniques. The precious crafts of metal spinning, planishing, chiselling and engraving, perpetuated by Master silversmiths and ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’ immortalise the qualities of elegance and excellence of all Christofle pieces. It is this irreplaceable know-how perpetuated by highly skilled craftsmen, passed on from master to student, which constitutes Christofle's living heritage. True ‘Living Treasures’.

Detaliile lotului
Nr. de articole
Cuțite de toaletă
Placat cu argint
Designer/ Artist
Christofle modèle America
Estimated Period
A doua jumătate a secolului 20
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Stare excelentă - puțin uzată cu urme minime de folosire și uzură
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