Felie de lemn pietrificat - Araucarioxylon arizonicum - 26×23×0.8 cm

Felie de lemn pietrificat - Araucarioxylon arizonicum - 26×23×0.8 cm
Late Triassic (225 Million Years) - SUA, Arizona

Product Specifications:
• Unique Petrified Wood Slice
• Late Triassic (225 Million Years)
• Size: +/- 26 x 23 x 0.8 cm
• Weight: +/- 0.8 kg
• Origin: USA, Arizona
• No damages or cracks
• No Replica or Imitations.

Our Shipment:
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✓ Insured Shipping by UPS/PostNL
✓ Shipped within 1/2 business days
✓ No damages warranty

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The Story behind the Mineral:
The most famous locality for observing petrified wood is Petrified Forest National Park near the community of Holbrook in northeastern Arizona. About 225 million years ago, this area was a lowland with a tropical climate and covered by a dense forest. Fallen trees and broken branches were often buried by the river sediments. Today, visitors to the park can observe the petrified wood and photograph it however, collecting petrified wood in the park is prohibited.

Detaliile lotului
Felie de lemn pietrificat
Denumire Științifică
Araucarioxylon arizonicum
SUA, Arizona
Perioada Geologică
Late Triassic (225 Million Years)
Stare bună
26×23×0.8 cm
0.8 kg
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