Afișare fosilă plantă - pe matrice originală - Sapindopsis

Afișare fosilă plantă - pe matrice originală - Sapindopsis
Cretaceous - Liban

A large, superior quality, display plant fossil, Sapindopsis anhouryi, from the Middle Cretaceous, Cenomanian Stage, 100 million years old, Nammoura, Lebanon.

Lebanon is well known for the superb preservation of its fossil fish and crustaceans, but, although much rarer, its plant remains also display incredible detail.

This large plate contains an exceptional example of Sapindopsis, a member of the Sapindaeceae Family, or Soapberry Trees.

The berries of Soapberry Trees contain saponin, which can be used as a soap substitute.
Generally, few plants are preserved in the quarries of Lebanon, which makes this an uncommon fossil, especially of this quality and detail.

Previously the area was a warm shallow sea, and, when the sea dried up, the limestone deposits that remain produce the most exquisitely preserved fossils.

A large and very aesthetic display item.

Size: 28 cm x 17 cm & Plant 20.5 cm long

Detaliile lotului
Afișare fosilă plantă
pe matrice originală
Denumire Științifică
Perioada Geologică
Stare bună
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