Europa - Cavalerie sau arcabuceros - Casca Pappenheimer

Europa - Cavalerie sau arcabuceros - Casca Pappenheimer
Original - Oţel - Stare foarte bună

Named in honour of the commander of the imperial army, Marshal Gottfried Pappenheim.

The helmet is presented with a hemispheric crown. A sliding nose guard that allows adjustment,

The long neck-guard of this piece emphasises that it is not a single rigid plate as in most of the few helmets that have survived today but is formed by several overlapping plates similar to the lobster's tail, and as you can appreciate in the images, they are totally mobile.

The two side guards retain their leather, although fragile due to their age.

Their patina is magnificent.

It was carried by the European cavalry during the end of the 16th and 17th centuries.

This piece was developed throughout Europe from Poland to England, however, and since it is difficult to know the exact origin, by inspection and comparison it is similar or identical to the piece exhibited at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore donation of Dr. Douglas G. Carroll in 1964 affirming the very possible origin of the then United Provinces, today the Netherlands.

It is a spectacular piece, a piece that given its quality could be in a museum.

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Detaliile lotului
Casca Pappenheimer
Unitatea de Armată
Cavalerie sau arcabuceros
Stare foarte bună
Original/ Replica
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