Willy Kessels (1898-1974) - Palettes

Willy Kessels (1898-1974) - Palettes
Imprimare argint-gelatinos - Galerie Timbru, Ștampila artistului - 1930

Artist: Willy Kessels (1898-1974)
Title: Palettes 1930s

Condition: print in overall good condition

A very rare 1930s vintage quality print, an industrial abstraction photograph by one of the Belgium most collectable photographer. Certificate of a Paris gallery included.

From The MET New York
Trained as a sculptor, designer, and architectural draftsman, Kessels began making photographs in the mid-1920s. He first achieved recognition as a photographer with his inclusion in the First Photography International at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, in 1932. Kessels used the photogram process to create an abstract photographic image without a camera by placing objects directly onto photosensitized paper. While the resulting spiraling forms suggest the gears and chains of the machine age, the image also reflects the artistic investigation of pure form and celebrates the new, technologically mediated vision made possible by the photographic arts.

Detaliile lotului
Willy Kessels (1898-1974)
Titlul operei de artă
Imprimare argint-gelatinos
Galerie Timbru, Ștampila artistului
Data imprimării
Imprimare veche
Dimensiunea imaginii
18×15 cm
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