"Fruttato Medio" Frantoio Muraglia - Extra virgin olive oil - 3 - 500 ml

"Fruttato Medio" Frantoio Muraglia - Extra virgin olive oil - 3 - 500 ml
Peranzana - Altro - Puglia - Italia

Lot consisting of three ceramic orcio jars 500 ml each, CAPRI series, Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by FRANTOIO MURAGLIA - PUGLIA - ITALY.

Frantoio Muraglia was born in Andria, the capital of Puglia oil, five generations ago, but the real ‘family patriarch’ is now 450 years old. It is a majestic coratina olive tree, a native cultivar armed with polyphenols as few among the 538 classified Italian varieties. Our history of olive growers begins with this green giant that dominates our countryside in the Murgia Plateau, an expanse of about 40 hectares of olive trees. We carry on the collection of olives by hand and cold-pressing in the ancient stone mill.

From the union of two traditions of Puglia, that is the olive oil and the vase craft traditions, was born the Orcio Vase signed Frantoio Muraglia.
The orcio-jars icon of our company are entirely made by artisans of Puglia, skilled in shaping the clay baked in the oven and in the vase painting, completely handmade. Each Orcio Vase is unique.

One of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy inspires this collection of handmade orcio vases. A brightly coloured spiral decorates our precious chests that keep the quality.

The VASO ORCIO CAPRI is available in 500-ml format in the Middle Fruity variant, Turquoise, Red, Light Green colour.

Detaliile lotului
Nr. de sticle
Tip de ulei/oțet
Extra virgin olive oil
500 ml
Numele producătorului
"Fruttato Medio" Frantoio Muraglia
Tip de măsline
Denumire de Origine Protejată (DOP)
Starea flaconului
Ambalajul original
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