AR Penck - Ausstellungsplakat - Bristol 1985

AR Penck - Ausstellungsplakat - Bristol 1985
Serigrafică/ Serigrafie - Semnat de mână, Semnată

You are bidding here on an exhibition poster by AR Penck in Bristol from 1985.

Artist: AR Penck
Title: Bristol Concert / Dialogue I / Farewell

Exhibition poster from 19.01. - 24.02.1985 in Bristol.
Arnolfini, Narrow Quay, Bristol.

Signed by hand!

70 x 50.5 cm
Screen print
Original signed!!!

Very rare, well-preserved poster.

Country of origin: Collection resolution of a gallery owner

Limited poster (75 cm x 50 cm) by A.R. Penck. The poster is made in a screen printing process and is hand signed.

AR Penck (1939 2017)

In the early 1960s, A. R. Penck has designed his own neo-expressionist style of graphic figurative signs and stick figure figures reminiscent of Asian calligraphy, graffiti and cave painting. In 1966, the so-called "standard images" were created, whose visual language, according to Penck, aims at easy readability. In the same year he founded the artist group Lücke together with his artist colleague Steffen Terk and others.

At the end of the 1960s, the artist, who lives in the GDR, is increasingly in political trouble, and his works are confiscated by the State Security Authority. The reason for this is, among other things, his Action Alliance, which was concluded in 1976 with Jörg Immendorff, from which numerous works emerge.

In 1979, after a burglary in his studio, A. R. Penck had been expatiated. After his expatriation in 1980, A. R. Penck first lived in Kerpen near Cologne and later in London. His painting, which from the 1980s onwards was more large-format, more colourful and more gestural, made him a representative of the "Neue Wilden". In addition to his painterly work, he created sculptures made of wood from 1977 and from 1982 also of bronze and marble, as well as woodcuts and drawings and recordings as jazz musicians. Since 1972, A. R. Penck represented several times at “documenta” in Kassel and in 1984 at the Venice Biennale.

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